The STEP framework for best practice community engagement to inform decision-making about science and technology has been developed by the Australian Government’s National Enabling Technologies Strategy. It may also provide a guide for community engagement efforts within other relevant organisations.

The framework provides principles and tools for engagement and dialogue between a
range of groups that have an interest in developments in science and technology, including stakeholders such
as scientists and industry, researchers studying science and technology issues, as well as groups within the
wider community and the organisations that represent them.

STEP Principles
1. Commitment and Integrity A high level of commitment and integrity, including mechanisms for transparency and accountability
 2. Clarity of objectives and scope
Clarity about the purpose, objectives and scope of the engagement
3. Inclusiveness
Inclusiveness of the diversity of people and views.
4. Good process
Including an appropriate and structured method, communication and consultation with participants
throughout, and appropriate, independent oversight and evaluation.
5. Quality information/ Knowledge sharing
Relevant, accurate and balanced information and knowledge sharing.
6. Dialogue and open discussion
Genuine, interactive deliberative dialogue; opening up discussion rather than closing it down.
7. Impact on decision making
Demonstrated influence on decision making.

There is currently only a draft document – I will update with the final version when it is published.

Draft STEP Framework[1]


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