We Need to Talk About Kevin is a well-known novel by Lionel Shriver. Based on Shriver’s description of the psychopathic Kevin, the title character of the story, what would the boy look like? According to The Composites website, which creates identikit pictures based on the descriptions of characters from famous literary characters, the fiendish Kevin looks something like this:

“His face had that ferret-like sharpness from his earliest years…The narrow olive face is instantly familiar: recessed eyes, sheer straight nose with a wide bridge and slight hook, thin lips set in an obscure determination…But I wanted him to look like you. His whole geometry was based on the triangle and yours on the square, and there is something cunning and insinuating about acute angles, stable and trustworthy about the perpendicular…. I wanted to glance at my son’s profile and apprehend with a flash of lambent joy that he had your strong tall forehead—rather than one that shelved sharply over eyes that might begin as strikingly deep-set but were destined with age to look sunken.” – Description of Kevin, We Need To Talk About Kevin, Lionel Shriver

See more mugshots, or suggest a literary character of your own, at The Composites


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