Lou’s family have started calling him “Mr SKA”…

Lou Puls, maintenance officer at CSIRO’s Square Kilometre Array Telescope facility in the remote Murchison district of Western Australia, has helped escort many international and national journalists and scientists around the facility and is regularly pictured in photos taken at the site, such as this image taken by Michael O’Brien of The West Australian.

Lou grew up in the Murchison area and we have both worked for CSIRO, who is Lou’s current employer and partner in the A$2.5 billion Square Kilometre Array radio telescope to be deployed in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The SKA will eventually consist of thousands of radio-wave antennas all linked together by high bandwidth optical fibre, acting together as a single large instrument. The project aims to address questions about the evolution of the Universe including the formation of black holes, the origins of the first stars and the generation of magnetic fields in space.

Lou is an enthusiastic amateur astronomer. He also gets an opportunity to practice his very rusty Mandarin language skills, communicating with visiting teams of specialist Chinese workers involved in deploying telescopes at the site, who are based at Boolardy Station during their stay.

Murchison country (photo: CSIRO):


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