The gypsy jazz style of Klezmer music

ImageKlezmer is a Jewish folk musician of eastern Europe, played by small, traditionally itinerant bands. Musicologists have noted similarities between Klezmer and other improvisational styles such as gypsy music and jazz. Klezmer is a Yiddish name that can either be applied to the type of music – or the musician playing the music. The term derives from two Jewish words: kle (vessel or instrument) and zemer (song), literally meaning “instrument or vessel of song”. Klezmer was first used to describe the traditional instrumental music of Yiddish speaking Jews in Eastern Europe.


Is the Super Constellation most beautiful airplane ever?

It sure looks it! A model plane enthusiast I know who transferred his passion for aerodynamics into an aerospace degree sent me the links below with the message: “Enjoy the most beautiful airplane ever!” He added that he would like to fly this plane, although he is not a pilot. Here is the Super Constellation Christening in Lahr, southern Germany:

and the Super Constellation flying in Switzerland: