Dorothea Snook
Dorothea Snook (c) Snook family

“The first step to good health is to overcome constipation and indigestion… These two factors are the origin of all diseases. So many folk come to see me with so-called different complaints, but the origin of them all is always the same”.

  • Dorothea Snook (1914-2008)

Prominent Australian naturopath Dorothea Snook claimed success in helping people with a wide range of disorders and diseases – particularly those suffering from cancer and arthritis. She believed that any illness could be improved or treated by the proper administration of a diet of raw fruit or vegetables.

“For the past forty years I have been successfully treating people with many illnesses medical doctors say cannot be helped,” she wrote in the brochure for her alternative health clinic in Northam, Western Australia.

A true believer, Mrs Snook stated publicly she was prepared to ‘go before any medical panel to explain her methods’. She believed that doctors should work with naturopaths and recommended to her patients that they report back to their doctor, so the doctor could witness for themselves how far the patient had progressed with her guidance with a natural food diet.

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  1. She was something of an unwitting mentor to me, in the days I was moving from nursing to studying natural health. I loved her work and hated what the media did to her reputation. Typical for anyone who hopes to do real healing in this sick world.

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