I am trained as a journalist and for over 25 years have specialised in science and technology journalism, communications and marketing.

I currently work in an agriculture and food research institute at the University of Queensland and have worked in research communications for CSIRO, QUT, the University of WA, Curtin University and undertaken consultancy work for R&D organisations throughout Australia.

I was appointed as a biotechnology communications representative for the Australian Government’s National Enabling Technologies Strategy development of the STEP framework for community engagement with science (2010-12).

I was a science communications representative from CSIRO on the Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture’s National Communications Network (2005-06) which developed communication planning for emergency animal disease outbreaks in Australia.

In 2017 I published my first non-fiction book about the remarkable pioneering Australian naturopath Dorothea Snook, and her famous gut-cleanse diet. ‘Gut Instinct: Mrs. Snook’s Diet’ is available NOW in Kindle (ebook) and paperback.

I am interested in fiction, narrative, robotics, artificial intelligence, information and communications, people and culture.

Please email me message or contact me on Facebook or Twitter.

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