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Herbal Cures from 1930s

1932 herbal cures map of America used by pharmacists illustrates the popularity of natural medicine in the early part of the 20th century.

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Nutrition and cancer – online short course

One of the world's leading agriculture and food research institutions, Wageningen University in Holland, is running a FREE online course on nutrition and disease, from October 2 to November 22, 2018. The course looks at the role of diet, nutrition and…

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Fortified fruit and vegetables the next superfoods

What will be the next kale or new superfood? University of Queensland scientists think they might have the answer. Flavour chemist and sensory scientist Heather Smyth and a team of researchers from the university's Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences…

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No-jab vaccines engineered into your food. Yes or No?

Plants now have the potential to manufacture vaccines. As reported by the Genetic Literacy Project, Prof George Lomonosoff at the John Innes Centre has found a way to hijack tobacco and turn its leaves into factories to produce polio-vaccines and…

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Food facts, fads and fallacies – what should we be eating?

Ancient grains and superfoods; paleo or vegan? What's the deal with wheat, and is rice more than 'empty calories'? https://youtu.be/F0yfI9r3Mb4?list=PLuy8ASPDr-2wdftcFMOgWn9Bv-d9L3tUM Ever since Hippocrates declared all disease begins in the gut over 2000 years ago, there has never been more interest,…