Great Feedback!

We made the cover of Meat & Livestock Australia’s new-look Feedback magazine!

The August 2012 edition features insights into future genomic R&D strategies and how SNP chips are beginning to make their presence felt in the livestock industry marketplace.

The cover image features some of Aaron’s digital retouching.


A scientist on the fiddle

Biologist and semi-professional banjo player Professor Julian Vincent, from the University of Bath, entertained attendees at a Biomimetics Workshop held in Brisbane 9-10 July.

Following his keynote address Professor Vincent, noted internationally for his musical skills on the banjo, delighted the workshop dinner crowd with a few tunes, kicking off with a lively version of ‘Waltzing Matilda’.


Engaging communities with social media

For anyone interested in how the new media is shaping community news media:

  • Engagement is key – robust and frequent content begets more content and whets the interest of potential contributors.
  • Citizen journalism is a field that has a high turnover. Fewer than one in 10 of those trained will stick around to be regular contributors and, even then, may only be “regular” for a short period of time.
  • Projects built on the grit and passion of a particular founder or corps of founders have created the most robust models for short- and long-term sustainability.
  • Community news sites are not a business yet.
  • Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools are ushering in a New Age for Community News, creating robust recruiting, marketing, distribution, collaboration, reporting and funding opportunities.

The science of livestock welfare

Livestock welfare is again gaining momentum on the political and social agenda, although it never really went away. Aspects of livestock production are opposed by some for ethical, health and sustainability reasons.

In 2006, when working in communications at CSIRO, I produced an animal welfare edition of Livestock Horizons (left) which provided scientific information about the welfare of livestock in Australian production systems.