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Herbal Cures from 1930s

1932 herbal cures map of America used by pharmacists illustrates the popularity of natural medicine in the early part of the 20th century.

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Mrs Snook’s raw food revelation

Dorothea Snook

“The first step to good health is to overcome constipation and indigestion… These two factors are the origin of all diseases. So many folk come to see me with so-called different complaints, but the origin of them all is always…

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Plant-based diets a ‘revolution and game-changer’ – not the latest fad.

Are plant-based diets the latest fad? Not according to Steven Walton, general manager of research firm HealthFocus International, speaking at the International Food Technology conference in Last Vegas on June 28, 2017. “I believe that plant-based eating is a game-changing trend,”…