The gypsy jazz style of Klezmer music

ImageKlezmer is a Jewish folk musician of eastern Europe, played by small, traditionally itinerant bands. Musicologists have noted similarities between Klezmer and other improvisational styles such as gypsy music and jazz. Klezmer is a Yiddish name that can either be applied to the type of music – or the musician playing the music. The term derives from two Jewish words: kle (vessel or instrument) and zemer (song), literally meaning “instrument or vessel of song”. Klezmer was first used to describe the traditional instrumental music of Yiddish speaking Jews in Eastern Europe.


Visualising rain patterns over 50 years

Stephen Von Worley from the site Data Pointed has charted the last fifty years of rainfall in downtown San Francisco. He uses a line per rain year – that is, the period running from July 1st through the following June, centred on California’s wet winter months. The bars show the total rainfall received on either side of Valentine’s Day for each year. The years which finished wettest share one thing in common: none started out unusually dry. Click to see the graphic.


We need to talk about Kevin’s mugshot

We Need to Talk About Kevin is a well-known novel by Lionel Shriver. Based on Shriver’s description of the psychopathic Kevin, the title character of the story, what would the boy look like? According to The Composites website, which creates identikit pictures based on the descriptions of characters from famous literary characters, the fiendish Kevin looks something like this: