Mrs Snook’s Diet

“There were people who had been given up by doctors whom she managed to keep alive – it was almost a miracle.”

In 1776 famed British sea captain and fresh food enthusiast, James Cook, was awarded the Copley Gold medal for his actions in preventing scurvy amongst his crew by feeding them fresh citrus and sauerkraut.

Some 170 years later, an outspoken mother of seven, whose family claimed to have descended from Captain Cook, began an alkaline and vegan-inspired fresh food revolution of her own.

From bustling Boston and New York of the early 1900s to a lonely Coroner’s court in rural Western Australia, ‘Gut Instinct: Mrs Snook’s Diet’ tells the story of Dorothea Snook and her raw food diets for babies, children, and those suffering from various ailments, including cancer, diabetes and arthritis.

Includes interviews, case studies – plus Mrs Snook’s famous gut cleanse diet and the original vintage nature cure diet charts.


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[We had an] award scheme for cancer survivors in 1987 – and most of the winners were Mrs Snook’s former patients. There were people who had been given up by doctors whom she managed to keep alive – it was almost a miracle.

Isobel Weir (1990)

After following Dorothea Snook’s gut-cleanse diet and health treatments, I felt fantastic and years younger.  My new energy levels remind me of the energy I had as a child and young person. I lost just over 13  kilos and my cholesterol levels dropped from 7.2 to 5.4, which I was thrilled about. My cholesterol levels have always ranged between 6 and 7.2, except for the time I did a famous diet six years ago and it shot up to twelve!

Teresa Boyce (2014)

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