alice caporn head and shoulders

The Nature Cure series

Vintage nature cure diets and remedies for a range of ailments – the first book in this series will be published on 12 April 2017. 

Book One: Gut Instinct: Mrs Snook’s diet. By Greta Puls. Fully referenced, 60,000 words (2017) – An inspirational story of love, death and vegetable proteins. Due April 2017.

Book Two: What a Way to Go!!  By Dorothea Snook. 74 pages of vintage alkaline and vegan recipes and diets for physical and mental wellbeing (1973-83) .

Book Three:  ‘Was man intended by nature to be a herbivorous animal or carnivorous animal?’ By Dorothea Snook.  Classic vegetarian manifesto, with recipes. (1964).

Book Four: Eat for Health: Modern Health Science Recipes and Menus. By Alice Caporn. “The latest scientific beautifying, youthifying, healthifying diet from America’s famous nutritional scientist”. 74 pages of vintage alkaline and vegan recipes and diets for physical and mental wellbeing (1939)

Book Five: Alice Caporn’s Special Exercises. By Greta Puls. A Pilates expert recreates the poses for Alice Caporn’s special exercises – described as life-saving by Dorothy Snook and entirely unique by eminent naturopath, chiropractor and osteopath Frederick W. Collins. Incorporated diets and original teachings of Alice Caporn from an out of copyright 1939 publication.

Alice Caporn’s Hollywood juices (c.1930s)

  • Beetroot and lemon juice – Rich in sodium food for dissolving stones in the kidneys and gall bladder.
  • Parsley and cabbage juice – Rich in manganese for memory cells and iodine for thyroid gland (youth and beauty governor)
  • Watercress and mint juice – Rich in vitamin E, the fertility vitamin. Rich in iron for red blood.
  • Lettuce or silver beet, lemon juice – Rich in sodium, the dissolver, calcium for strength and endurance.
  • Rhubarb juice – Excellent cleanser and purifier of the blood stream.
  • Grape fruit juice – Rich in iron and quinine – feeds brain and nerves, induces sleep.

Mrs Snook’s spinach and tomato tea (c.1980)

Ingredients 6 leaves & stalks of silverbeet – washed and chopped; 2 large, ripe tomatoes – sliced.

Method Boil together in 1 pint water for 15-20 mins. Strain and drink between meals