Visualising rain patterns over 50 years

Stephen Von Worley from the site Data Pointed has charted the last fifty years of rainfall in downtown San Francisco. He uses a line per rain year – that is, the period running from July 1st through the following June, centred on California’s wet winter months. The bars show the total rainfall received on either side of Valentine’s Day for each year. The years which finished wettest share one thing in common: none started out unusually dry. Click to see the graphic.


Great Feedback!

We made the cover of Meat & Livestock Australia’s new-look Feedback magazine!

The August 2012 edition features insights into future genomic R&D strategies and how SNP chips are beginning to make their presence felt in the livestock industry marketplace.

The cover image features some of Aaron’s digital retouching.


Northern Australian R&D strategy

Recently we were engaged by the North Australian Beef Research Council to produce a publication communicating the RD&E strategy for Queensland, the Northern Territory and the northern pastoral zone of West Australia. This work was undertaken as part of the National Beef Production Research, Development and Extension Strategy (2010) commissioned by the Primary Industries Ministerial Council. View publication online.